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“Hodi” is what people say in East-Africa to ask permission to enter someone’s house. “Hodi” is what we say to ask permission to enter your organization to help you be more effective, more efficient, more profitable, more innovative. From our four divisions we supply professional services to: Private Sector Services, Government Service, Social Impact and Field Support Services. We're here for you if you need assistance with an evaluation, a strategic plan, reforms in your HR policy or procurement processes. If you are establishing yourself in Mozambique and need office space, transportation services or staff. We also carry out projects that are creating real impact and value for people in Mozambique, go to our Social Impact section to read more on this.


Succesful projects

Field Support Services Project, providing technical advise and logistics services to the Canadian Development Program in Mozambique

WUSC Canada

Entrepreneurship Trainings.  A new service from HODI inspired by NoMoreboringlearning and based on the Entrecomp framework for training of Entrepreneurial compentences. Providing Young Mozambicans with the skills and mindset to be an entrepreneur.

Dutch Embassy

Local Capacity Development for two USAID partner organizations in Mozambique. HODI helps organizations with their Human Resources, Financial Management, Governance, procurement and other organizational areas to be better USAID partners


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